Our Startup's Monthly Expenses (Oct 2015)


We recently re-discovered Walter Chen’s blog post about monthly expenses at iDoneThis, a wonderfully simple daily productivity tool. In the spirit of sharing our progress at Underdog.io, we’ve decided to publish a breakdown of our own monthly SaaS and technology expenses. For now, we’ve opted to exclude salaries, Stripe fees, advertising, office supplies, and rent. We may disclose them in a future post.

We’re on annual plans for a few of the products below. To keep things simple, we converted their prices to a monthly equivalent. We’re pulling company logos via Clearbit’s free Logo API.


Some things that we found interesting:

  • Everyone seems to know this, but ignoring salaries and rent, it’s really quite inexpensive to run an internet company today.
  • Our two most important productivity apps are Slack and Trello, in that order. We spent $39.49 for Slack last month and nothing for Trello. Slack feels relatively cheap; Trello is downright criminal.
  • We always get a little bit of sticker shock when we see how much Justworks charges every month, but the thought of switching back to ADP or Paychex is cringe-worthy. Justworks also has a pretty intuitive product and a reliable customer service team.
  • We recently switched from Kissmetrics to Mixpanel. So far, so good.
  • We don’t pay for an applicant tracking system (we rolled our own to manage all inbound Underdog.io signups) or any external sourcing tools (e.g. Gild, Entelo).
  • We’re probably not getting as much value out of the tools that we use for customer support (Olark), CRM (ProsperWorks), or surveys (TypeForm) as we should be.